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Cinecittà Studios => Direct Phone Contact Managing Partner (Livia Tovoli ) @ 339 170 30 88

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+39 335 611 30 90 / +39 339 170 30 88

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+39 0689282611

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What we do

What we do:




3D Live presentation for High impact Architectural projects  filming from physic scale model to final realisation in Live3DCinema Mode


Step by step Live3DCinema Image is planned in STEREOSCOPIC mode for ultrarich and UNIQUE 3DLive documenting and archiving of the Architectural opera


We create pristine contents for Architectural Projects and Tridimensinal Arts by shooting it in the exclusive Live3DCinema mode allowing completely new levels of education and teaching


Our proposal it’s simply a fully integrated Architecture and Tridimensional Arts documentation service having the Cinematic Live 3D as the most advanced point.