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Cinematic Live3D

 CINEMATIC LIVE 3D seems have been created on purpose to narrate in a phisical way volumes, lines, perspectives of architecture in a way to which the glorious traditional 2D can not approch even by far. If the utilization of the CINEMATIC LIVE 3D could be questionable on the classic narration of feature films, it is absolutely out of doubt that the medium seems have been conceived to be applied to tridimentional forms of art as architecture and sculpture to say just the two that more interest us here, not to speak of the unavoidable application on industrial and scientific environment.

The invaluable cultural experience of the many sensational architectural pieces of art created by architects worldwide, events that forms great part of our visual horizon and everyday developing skyline, risks to remain confined to people resident in the area and in a much more limited way to the general audience through 2D documentation (stills and films) that needs plenty of explanation words and didascalic elaborate concepts to make the same audience able to partecipate. CINEMATIC LIVE 3D needs much less words being the tridimensional images astonishingly self-sufficient to narrate all the fundamental elements of the magic of architectural creation through a RATIONAL, PHISICAL and by that EMOTIONAL partecipation.
Let’s start TODAY to build the 3D archives of the future!
It is not even by far imaginable that IN THE YEARS TO COME when the LIVE 3D IMAGES will form the MAJORITY of our visual environnement that the general audience and specifically the future architecture historians and students will consider themselves fully satysfied in front of flat 2D images narrating didascalically the architectural history. Only the CINEMATIC LIVE 3D narration will be accepted as the most natural way to study and be thrilled by the performances that the fervids minds of architects will continue to create for us. It is true that the possibility of the 3D images generated by CGI reaches today, and will more in the future, astonishing imageries but in a certain way also treateningin a way the sincerity and naturalness of the subject, nothing being able to compete with the PHISICAL RENDITION of the natural environmental light that is one of the main point of force of the CINEMATIC LIVE 3D images which remains always TRUES also in the creation of an artistic mood. The future world of images on which we are already moving in and incommensurably more tomorrow, forces us to a single but essential demand: Please enough of artificial astonishing fake images! Please feed us with sincerity and naturality!

  IMGP1607The CINEMATIC LIVE 3D applied to serious cultural themes responds perfectly to this inevitable demand of future generation.
When the most powerfull tv hardware producers invest billions of dollars on the developments of 3D new forms of screens and formats and one of the most powerfull software organization announces that will diffuse IN A CLOSE FUTURE his maps system in a 3D format TO CONDAMN architectural visions to the every day more surpassed and self-shadowing flat 2D documentation simply means to CONDAMN FOR EVER the creativity in the field of architecture to an everlasting cultural TODAY unacceptable cultural forgetfullness and oblivion.
The CINEMATIC LIVE 3D documentation spanning from the original project to the final completion is much more costly than the most sophisticated and high quality profile 2D documentation demanding the employement of a very specialized crew that will follow sistematically often for years the course of the construction work but it appears a very acceptable cost in front of the deeper rational, emotional and global knowledge and comprehension of contemporary architectural creations that becoming much more spectacularly narrated will be accepted with less diffidence not to say with appealing request on the broadcasting 3D channels.
IMGP1610The same principle of course apply to all the masterpieces that have been created before the 3D invention and even before of the photography and film invention. Some of the 2D documentation can be transformed in 3D format in post production but at a very high cost and forcing something that has not been conceived with the tridimensional concept in mind to dubious results.
Here in TOVOLI3D group we are equally interested in investigating, in tight collaboration with museums and public or private organizations, sculputures and architecture creations of the past with the same passion with which we are ready to document the architectural contemporary creative process.
In our group we equally all agree with the everyday and worldwide growing up concept that ONLY SHARED CULTURE will be the unbeateable weapon able to save our planet.