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Cinecittà Studios => Direct Phone Contact Managing Partner (Livia Tovoli ) @ 339 170 30 88

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Our ambition it is to use the Stereoscopic Vision through our vast experience in the field of General Filming at the highest international level. Apart the classic employ in theatrical fictional films, we see that the Stereoscopic Approach has a revolutionary way to create unique documentation around the fascinating process of artistic creation, sharing the Live Stereoscopic footage astonishing results with the widest possible audience (public/private/museums/cultural government departments/every level of schools up to universities) considering also the increasing development of satellite films distribution. More precisely, with the Live Stereoscopic 3D shooting (that we name “Live-S3D”), we would like to:


Green-Check-MarkTo Enhance Architectural Visions from the project-concept until the final realisation

Green-Check-MarkTo Enhance Tridimensional Arts Documentation in its present and past history

Green-Check-MarkTo Enhance the incoming Archives of the Future by renovating dusty traditional method and materials under the blowing wind of the new film technologies

Green-Check-MarkTo Enhance Education by improving the learning process at any level



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