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Jacques Perrin

Artistic Advisor: JACQUES PERRIN



A very famous Actor/Producer/Director, Jacques Perrin, grown up in a family of parisian artists, walked the boards of theatres since his most tender infancy. Very young he gained his international reputation as an actor teaming with a glowing Claudia Cardinale in a film directed by Valerio Zurlini “La ragazza con la valigia” . Of the same director Perrin produced later the masterpiece “Il deserto dei Tartari” playing also the main role of lieutenent Drogo. Having Marcello Mastroianni as partner in “Cronaca familiare” under the direction of the same Valerio Zurlini pusched him a the pinnacles of a magic moment that arrived for him in Italy after the french magnificent roles played in “Les demoiselles de Rochefort “ directed by Jacques Demy, “Le crabe tambour” and “La 317eme section” de Pierre Schoendoerffer. For the main role in “Un uomo a metà” of Vittorio De Seta Perrin won the Coppa Volpi at the Venice film Festival.





His astonishing career as producer started with the documentary “Le voyage” directed by his friend Luciano Tovoli followed by few others that they co-directed. Then came the international burst of “Z” directed by Costa Gavras collecting a phenomenal international audience succes and a bunch of Oscars. Another Oscar was added to the growing list of awards with the first film of Jean Jacques Annaud “Black and white in colour”.



Since then success after success the Perrin’s productions are the international symbol of great and always innovative cinema. Suffice between others the extreme originality of films like “ Himalaya l’enfance d’un chef” of Eric Valli or “Les coristes” de Cristophe Baratier.


Recently the immensely successfull cyclopean productions “Le peuple migrateur”, “Oceans” and “Les saisons” are the perfect illustration of his visionary mind always open to new cinematographic adventures.