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Luciano Tovoli


Project Manager: LUCIANO TOVOLI


Luciano Tovoli AIC ASC IMAGO is one of most renown italian cinematographers at an international level. He has worked extensively in Cinecittà /Paris and Hollywood with directors such as Vittorio De Seta in “Banditi ad Orgosolo” and “Diario di un maestro/Franco Brusati for “Bread and chocolate”/Michelangelo Antonioni for “Chung-Kuo China”, “The Passenger” and “Il mistero di Oberwald”/Valerio Zurlini for “Il deserto dei Tartari”/Nanni Moretti for “Bianca”/Maurice Pialat for “Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble” and “Police”/Francis Veber for “Le diner des cons” and “Tais toi!”/Marco Ferreri for “L’ultima donna”/Andreij Tarkovski for “Tempo di viaggio”/Barbet Schroeder for “Reversal of fortune” and “Single White Female”/Dario Argento for “Suspiria”, “Tenebre” and the recent “Dracula 3D”/Julie Taymor for “Titus”/Neri Parenti for “Amici miei”/Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud for “Oceans”/Ettore Scola in seven films between “Splendor”, “Che ora è” and “Il viaggio di Capitan Fracassa”. The above are only few of the 80 films to which Tovoli has given his collaboration.


Many “superstars” in Cinecittà/Paris and Hollywood have been in front of his lenses pictured by his refined lights.


The last sequence of “The passenger” created by the tight collaboration between Antonioni and Tovoli is celebrated as one of the most impressive of the full film history. The extreme choices of the colors has been so innovative in “Suspiria” to make this film a piece of work which inspired generations of directors and cinematographers. Again teaming with Antonioni in 1979, Tovoli photographed, in full anticipation of the contemporary redundancy of new tecnologies, investigating in the then called “primitive” electronic world, the experimental film “Il mistero di Oberwald”, on which have been dictated for the first time in all the film industry history the bases of a new “colors dramaturgy” finding cromatic solutions well beyond the possibility given by the classic analogic film system.


Tovoli has directed the first ever Perrin’s production, a documentary titled “Le voyage” and in the same period co-directed with him several others plus, alone, numbers of commercials and he has had the great honor to direct Marcello Mastroianni in “The general of the dead army”, a feature film from the masterpiece novel of the alabanian writer Ismail Kadare